Ready or not, here i come!

Ready or not, here i come!

Ready or not, here i come! (front)


Ready or not, here i come!

So, it’s been a while since we’ve put one of our ‘Back to the Future‘ art & mixtape combo’s out. But that’s not entirely our fault. The weather has only recently begun to play ball again after a brief stint a couple of weeks ago. Anyway this one features the likeness of one half on id-iom just moments before he uncovers his eyes to witness the unbroken sunshine we’ve been having this week. Although by the time he’s blinked it’ll probably be back to winter conditions…

The musical accompaniment taped to the back of the slate cover art is a frothy little summertime mix guaranteed to get you in the mood to party. I can only hope whoever finds it appreciates it. We’ve got a few more of these in the barrel and ready to go so watch this space.





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