I’m a C Unit

I’m a C Unit – out on the street

I’m a C Unit (front)

So I had to pop over to the East End for some paint for a big piece currently being painted at the Electric Social in Brixton and I thought to myself ‘What a perfect opportunity to do a little street drop!’ So before setting off from Brixton I packed a bag full of goodies to leave on the street for our ‘Back to the Future‘ mixtape & art project. Foolishly I only got one slate out as I somehow forgot to do the rest whilst I was enjoying the sun in a beer garden. That said one is better than none. Oh, what a C unit i am! Just wait til the other half of idiom finds out…

Anyway, the mix on the back of this piece of slate is by a good friend of id-iom’s who dj’s under the name of Rogue Fader. Even if you don’t have the chance to find the slate you can still enjoy the C Unit mix here. It should be enough to keep you amused on a Friday morning (or indeed afternoon or evening).





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