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The not-so-pretty Princess

The not-so-pretty Princess

The not-so-pretty Princess

Now i’m not saying she’s entirely without merit but she’s just not as pretty as all the other girls – or at least that’s what the fairy tales would lead you to believe. She needn’t worry though as she’s actually already married, apparently to quite a catch I hear, although I’ve never met the man.

The whole thing came about by pure chance as I only met the Princess whilst I was out for dinner. Her husband couldn’t make it and myself and the people I were with decided to ask her if she’d care to join us and she was delighted to accept.  I was quite taken with her so decided to paint her up the following day. I, of course, had been drinking that night however so was working from memory. This is the result.



Title: The not-so-pretty Princess
Materials: Acrylic, paint pen and spray paint
Size: A3
Please email if interested


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