Blue in the face

Did you know you can actually get a medical condition called argyria (which comes from consuming silver) that can actually turn your face (and the rest of your skin) blue? Now, that is something i didn’t know before starting this.

Well, it would seem that the subject of today’s painting has either been consuming large quantities of colloidal silver (for it’s possible health benefits) or has been stuck in the middle of another conversation about intelligent design and has literally been talking until he’s blue in the face. We all know the feeling you sometimes get when in mid-conversation that no matter what you say the person you are talking to isn’t really going to listen to a word you’ve got to say. No matter what you say and how smart or well-informed your argument is you may as well save your breath, not bother and move onto something a little more interesting for the sake of everyone concerned…



Title: Blue in the face
Materials: Spraypaint, charcoal, acrylics and paint pen
Size: A3


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