If you build it…

In the 1989 movie ‘Field of Dreams‘ starring Kevin Costner there’s a moment near the start when a ghost/voice from beyond whispers to him ‘build it and he will come’ and so he decides, in that moment, to build a baseball field there. When I started this picture I had nothing better in mind than illustrating a fanciful image of a girl who was also a bridge. For what reason, I’m not entirely sure but I felt compelled to put it down all the same. Once completed I thought of adding the spectre’s immortal line. Here is the result.

As an aside, I thought the quote came from famous American businessman/entertainer/scam artist PT Barnum but the internet has made me realise this was something of a fallacy. Damn you internet and your pernicious lies! Another perfectly cromulent chance to embiggen my knowledge ruined.



Title: If you build it…
Materials: Screen print, stencil, spraypaint & paint pen
Size: A3
Please email if interested


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