Decision Paralysis

I’m sure we’ve all been put on the spot by a girlfriend, wife or significant other whereby they ask you a question which is so loaded that you’re just not sure the answer best to give. In these situations it’s usually a case of minimising the inevitable damage you’re about to cause. One good example of such a question that has become ingrained in popular consciousness is that of ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ The true answer to this is there is no answer, as anything you do say will be taken as an affront to her figure. Probably best to try and change the subject…

This poor soul has fallen for the trap and hasn’t managed to extradite himself to the car or another safe haven where he can pretend he has to do other things so he’s trapped in decision paralysis. He’d better come up with something quick as no reply is tantamount to saying ‘Yes’. You’ve been warned.



Title: Decision Paralysis
Materials: Paint pen, collage and charcoal
Size: A2
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