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Meanwhile, in Brixton…

When we moved out of our old studio we found a hidden stash of various hand painted and/or screen printed posters we’d done over the years and thought we may as well make use of them so decided to paste them all rather haphazardly onto a table top we had lying around. And that was all that happened to the piece for the first few months of it’s creation. Then I was hit with a bolt of inspiration and decided to make the piece something of a retrospective given that it features about 30 old paste ups designs that would never have seen the light of day otherwise. With the addition of a bit of background work, the mini-me version of us balancing precariously whilst spraying our ‘Take it from the champs, graffiti is for chumps’ stencil (which was swiped from a 1980’s New York anti-graffiti slogan) and the¬†‘Meanwhile, in Brixton’ ¬†stencil and, hey presto, there you have it.




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