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War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again! – so sang Edwin Starr in 1970 on the anti-Vietnam song ‘War’ (which, i was interested to learn was originally recorded by The Temptations but not released as they didn’t want to alienate their more conservative fans). Today’s piece is something of homage to the pointlessness of war and was inspired by the poem ‘Futility’ by Wilfred Owen which is about life and death in the trenches of France during World War One and the futility of the whole situation. Hopefully our piece reflects at least an echo of that sentiment.

Righto, that’s enough highfalutin seriousness for today. We’ll hopefully be back to our usual broadcast of gibberish tomorrow…



Title: Futility
Media: Spray paint and stencils on roof slate
Size: 50 x 25 cm slate
Please email if interested


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