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On the up…

In the interests of keeping you informed we have a further update on Mupan and what he’s up to. Last time we saw him he was looking a little down in the dumps but I have it on good authority that he’s picked himself up, brushed himself off and is now back in business. Just what that business is I couldn’t guess but you can rest assured that it is something decidedly unsavoury.

Here it looks like he’s shouting loudly about ‘Art is trash’ but he’s actually making a fake phone call so he doesn’t look too dodgy hanging around on street corners in the East end as he’s just seen a couple of cop cars go by and he has to wait around in order to ‘meet with his man’. Hmmm, he’ll get himself into some serious trouble some day soon. You mark my words…




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Do you like my stole?

So, it’s round 2 for our newest session at the White Horse. This time we had the pleasure of repainting the corridor in the gents toilet after the painters accidentally painted over the last mural we did in there when they were in redecorating. D’oh! The buff man comes in many guises it would seem.

Seeing as it is the gents toilet in a bar we decided something a little risque might well be in order and after a little deliberation came up with a cheeky little number inspired by Vargas’ pin up girls imagery. She’s a proud lady with a certain ‘come hither’ look in her eyes but most of all she’s proud of her little black stole. And she hopes you like it too. Whoops! Looks like it’s slipped a little…



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Hand dryer is wondering exactly what it is you’re up to…

Googly eyes are my new favourite thing. I don’t leave home without them these days. They can add a little sparkle to the dullest of days. Although I do have some concerns that it will be like when someone gets a new kitten and can’t help posting pictures of it. I fear there will be a few more googly eyed inanimate object pics before I’ve had my fill. I will, however, try to keep it to a fair minimum and ensure only the highest quality and inspirational bits of eyebombing make the grade. Here’s a hand dryer looking slightly worried about exactly what it is you’re upto…



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Down in the dumps

Since we last saw Mupan he seems to be a little unhappy. Not that I’m one to wallow in other people’s misery but I have to say it gladdens my heart (just a little) to know that someone has managed to take him down a peg or two.  I’m not sure what he’s been getting involved with and I don’t much care but you can bet your bottom dollar it was something dodgy that has backfired on him.

The sad truth is that I know him well enough to know that this won’t last for long. He’s up and down like a yo-yo and I’m sure it won’t be too long before he’s back with another harebrained plan. I just know it…



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How can i tell him?

We’ve done a large wall sized version of this piece before but decided to give it a little feminine twist for this little East End street drop –  so rather than the man thinking ‘How can i tell her?’ it’s the lady who is in the worrying position of working out how to tell her lover that they are both just stencils.

One of the downsides of putting stuff out in the East End is that as the area is so saturated with all kinds of work, both large and small, that it’s difficult to make your work stand out. So, as the lower levels were pretty busy with wheatpastes and graffiti we decided to get up as high as we could. With scant regard to Health & Safety we had one half of id-iom getting a leg up and then monkeying up the bars to get it planted on the top of the security shutter. Job done. Although even there I can’t imagine it will last very long…



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Shady business…

One of our favourite local boozers, The White Horse, has had something of a minor refurbishment recently and so we were asked to drop by and reintroduce a little id-iom colour to their newly decorated setup. First off we were given a couple of industrial lampshades that had been acquired and were due to go up and asked ‘Can you do something with these? But don’t overdo it’.

Minimalism can be something of a challenge for us but we agreed to give it a go anyway. After much deliberation about the use of colour and multiple stencils we kept it just about as simple as we could manage and went for a quote and just one red diamante on each lampshade. The quotes are:

‘Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music’

‘Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.’

Our final move was to artificially age the lampshades a little so they looked a little more used and thus fitted into the pub’s existing decor a bit easier. And that was that. I should probably also offer my apologies for the quality of the photos. All I can say is that it’s pretty tough to get a decent shot of the shades when the text runs around the inside rim (also, spraying the stencils themselves is pretty tricky but that’s another story). Anyway, that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it…

Stay tuned for round 2 with our rather saucy pic that is going in the gents toilet corridor (after the workmen mistakenly painted over our last one)…



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Time to up the id-iomedication

As the festive period creeps ever closer its time to up the medication in anticipation of an endless stream of saccharine sweet Christmas adverts on TV and tunes playing in every shop. Not only that but having to face the indignity of having to actually enter just about every shop hunting for predictably underwhelming presents. And, of course, the inevitable mince pies (OK I do actually like mince pies but i have an unusual addiction). With all this going on I need to keep myself medicated just to survive. The lights on the tree are enough to make me flashback to nights out I was hoping I had forgotten…

Now, however your troubles are over as you can now take some id-iom certified yuletide survival pills for all those tricky times. No need to wallow in your own misery at this time of year ever again. Just pop one of the pills into your mouth with a glass of water and – bingo –  you’re good to go! Just be careful not to take all three at once, I did once and it was a somewhat messy situation…



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