Time to up the id-iomedication

As the festive period creeps ever closer its time to up the medication in anticipation of an endless stream of saccharine sweet Christmas adverts on TV and tunes playing in every shop. Not only that but having to face the indignity of having to actually enter just about every shop hunting for predictably underwhelming presents. And, of course, the inevitable mince pies (OK I do actually like mince pies but i have an unusual addiction). With all this going on I need to keep myself medicated just to survive. The lights on the tree are enough to make me flashback to nights out I was hoping I had forgotten…

Now, however your troubles are over as you can now take some id-iom certified yuletide survival pills for all those tricky times. No need to wallow in your own misery at this time of year ever again. Just pop one of the pills into your mouth with a glass of water and – bingo –  you’re good to go! Just be careful not to take all three at once, I did once and it was a somewhat messy situation…




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