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How can i tell him?

We’ve done a large¬†wall sized version of this piece before but decided to give it a little feminine twist for this little East End street drop –¬† so rather than the man thinking ‘How can i tell her?’ it’s the lady who is in the worrying position of working out how to tell her lover that they are both just stencils.

One of the downsides of putting stuff out in the East End is that as the area is so saturated with all kinds of work, both large and small, that it’s difficult to make your work stand out. So, as the lower levels were pretty busy with wheatpastes and graffiti we decided to get up as high as we could. With scant regard to Health & Safety we had one half of id-iom getting a leg up and then monkeying up the bars to get it planted on the top of the security shutter. Job done. Although even there I can’t imagine it will last very long…




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