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Amorous enthusiasm in the streets

Amorous enthusiasm in the streets

Amorous enthusiasm in the streets

A while ago we went out wheat pasting around the east end with a few friends. Anyway, given our proclivity for not being entirely organised we didn’t manage to grab photos of all the pieces (as they were still wet and I think photo’s of wet paste ups show a certain lack of effort). Thanks to determined street art photographer baddogwhiskas however we’ve now got some photos of the missing pieces and he’s kindly allowed us to share them to advance our nefarious aims.

With the deft touch of a stage hypnotist at a late night Butlins show this lady is trying to convince you of her amorous intentions by using the power of her eyes alone. Look into my eyes. Not around the eyes. Look into the eyes… She believes (and rightly so) that a little enthusiasm can go a long way. But there are a few exceptions. One would be whilst in the streets. I’m not an alley cat you know. Oh go on then, just this once…




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