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Time to straighten up your act on the street

Time to straighten up your act on the street

Time to straighten up your act on the street

So here’s another of our wheat pastes that baddogwhiskas managed to grab of a picture for us. It would seem that both of us here at id-iom need to go back to photography 101 and learn it all again, not that we ever even learned it in the first place that is. Maybe it’s time again for a night course or two…

This lady had an attitude problem, a carefree attitude problem one might say. She was continuously having torrid affairs, taking enough drugs to make rock stars look like schoolchildren and drinking enough that if you cut her she would bleed pretty much 100 proof vodka. Now although this may be acceptable for someone in their teens or early 20’s, it becomes a trifle too much for a lady who is the wrong side of 30.

Now she thinks its time to straighten up her act and this picture is a reminder of the bad old days and her outlandish nights out, so that she’ll remember who she was and who it is she’s trying to become. Personally, I think it’s pretty useless as just the other day I saw her in an apron trying to cook some fairy cakes but she was using cocaine instead of icing sugar. Oh well, old habits die hard i guess…




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Little Eskimo

So, our good friends put a picture of their new baby girl up on Facebook with a caption along the lines of ‘finally our little eskimo has arrived’. A few people thought that she was actually named Eskimo and much hilarity ensued (most of it along the lines of ‘have you really thought this through? Won’t she get grief at school?’).

At this point the muse demanded that I create a little Eskimo themed piece for them using one of their pictures of her as the basis. After some design and a bit of computer jiggery-pokery we have a little Eskimo girl outside her igloo on the frozen snowscape waiting patiently for her parents to come back with some tasty seal or arctic fox for her lunch. Now they just need to get it printed and framed and they have a nice memento of their first baby related internet gaffe. Oh how they’ll laugh in years to come…

edit: Since doing a little research after writing the post it would seem that perhaps Eskimo is a perjorative word. So, apologies to any Inuit-Yupik’s out there but the story just wouldn’t be the same if I changed it…



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