The Kiss of Death

The ‘kiss of death’ is generally considered to be an action or event that may appear innocuous but that actually brings about ruin and failure. It was also the name of a single shot gun concealed in a lipstick which was designed (and assumably used) by the KGB during the Cold War years.

With that in mind I can’t look at this picture and think of the title ‘Kiss of Death’ without imagining it as the opening of a James Bond film complete with saucy title sequence and musical accompaniment. I’ve even got the first scene worked out. Cut to a high ranking British diplomat having dinner with some foxy young lady. They then go back to a hotel room and she pulls her lipstick and shoots him in the liver with it and smiles a predatory smile. Cut to title sequence with Shirley Bassey belting out ‘Kiss of Death’ and you’re off.



Title: The Kiss of Death
Materials: Acrylic paint, spray paint, stencils, paint pen and varnish. Oh, and glitter. Don’t forget the glitter!
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Available – Please email if interested


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Filed under art, Graffiti, Painting, stencil

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