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Go down gambling when you hear the call of the wild

With these dark and depressing days we all need a little something to spice up our life and us artists are no different. There we were wallowing about in our creative filth when the idea struck that we would have a little paint-off using the same base image. The rules were simple; we had to create a complete design using the same image of a friend of ours, we would then paint the background of the image before passing it over to the other to finish off with their foreground design.

After having a small photo shoot we headed off to our respective caves to complete the first step of the mission. We emerged with our canvasses held aloft screaming and taunting one another with ‘How’s about this then?’ or something similar (but with more swear words). We then both looked at each others’ work so far and gave a non-committal shrug before grabbing the offending canvas from the other’s hands and stalking off, looking to cover the others’ inferior work with something a little higher class. What we’re left with is two mashup pictures; one was originally to be called ‘Go down gambling’ and the other ‘Call of the wild’. What exactly they’re called now i’m not so sure. Maybe ‘Go down calling’ and ‘Go wild gambling’? Got any better ideas? If so, just drop us a postcard with your suggestions…



Title: Go down gambling when you hear the call of the wild
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, pencil, pastel, spray paint and charcoal
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Please email if interested in either (or both)


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