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Man the f*ck up!

I’ve had a slightly enigmatic little project on the go for a little while now (as I’m really not sure what to do with it) and needed some fake advertising for the reverse side. Hmmm… What to do, what to do? Then in a  small flash of inspiration it came to me. I would create a drink advertisement for a nice frosty can of ‘Man the fuck up!’ Once I had that much locked in the rest of the design pretty much took care of itself.

I would imagine the drink to be something along the lines of an alcoholic power drink (do they even exist?) to be consumed when life conspires against you. A little something that would definitely separate the men from the boys. The online and TV advertising would feature an accompanying soundtrack of a dubstep version of Billy Ocean’s 1985 hit ‘When the going gets tough’ followed by the tagline of ‘Feeling tired and emotional? Try a can of Man the fuck up!’ read by James Earl Jones. And that would be that.  I just wonder what a can of Man Up would  actually tastes like…




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