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Something from the cellar

I was navigating the aisles of my local supermarket when, due to my girlfriend’s inability to make a quick decision, my eye was drawn to the flowery descriptions of some of their lower end wines. Phrases like ‘warming spice flavours’, ‘smooth finish’ and ‘floral notes’ seemed to litter the florid accounts of the wines’ supposed qualities. Now, it just so happens that wine is firmly on my banned substance list so I certainly wasn’t in the position to put these contrived claims to the test.

Instead I decided to get down with a bit of culture jamming and recreate the descriptions using my overactive imagination as a guide. I think what we’re left with is probably a more honest appraisal of the wine’s true character. I’d like to think these will go unnoticed by the staff until some eagle eyed customer decides to spoil my fun and brings it to their attention. Only time will tell…




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Give me a London girl every time

Give me a London girl every time (front)

Give me a London girl every time (back)

As Chas n Dave sang in their 1983 song ‘London Girls’:

Give me a London girl every time,
I’ve gotta find one I’ve made up my mind

This particular specimen of London female appears to be from somewhere near Kennington and despite the fact she’s green, has grey hair and a red nose you can see she’s got music in her eyes. What more could a man want?

I came across this little beauty during a little tidy up. She was tucked down the side of a portfolio and was actually created a short while ago and we somehow managed to neglect her – until now! It’s on a section of a 1980’s South London bus timetable and was created using the magic of stencils and screen printing. It’s an eminently frameable 15 x 20 cm in size and is now on eBay. It’s even got our id-iom stamp of approval screen printed on the back so you can relax safe in the knowledge it’s an authentic id-iom product.

Give me a London girl every time – ebay link



Size: 15 x 20cm
Materials: spraypaint, stencils and screen print on 80’s bus timetable. With screen printed id-iom stamp on the back.
Available – now on eBay

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