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I understand that skulls and skeletons are a little pass√© but there is something really rather enjoyable about painting them. Its probably to do with the fact that they are so easily recognisable yet still rather alien to us at the same time. As you can tell by the pose of this skeleton he was in life a bit of a dick always thinking he’s better than everyone else. Just look how even now he stares off into the middle distance like he’s pondering something incredibly important – which he isn’t. What a self important fool…

That said, this particular skull has been imbued with special powers . And I don’t mean anything like the crystal skulls in the latest Indians Jones movie either. This bugger’s special ability is to change the colour tone of his skull whilst your painting him. Which can be quite annoying let me tell you. One minute your using azure blue the next process red, what a shit indeed. Anyway i solved the problem surrounding him – you just make the colours up as you go along. Job done.



Title: Skele-tone
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, pastel, spray paint and charcoal
Size: A2
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