We are all fools for love

So we’re keeping the ebay ball rolling with a new piece:

Here’s the ebay link

It’s been over a year in the making (mainly because we’re so lazy) but we can finally reveal our huge edition of 2 (well 3 if you count the landscape one that is currently being hand finished) of our piece which was originally a large scale piece done at UPfest in 2012. It’s a combination of screen printing, stencils, spraypaint and a little hand finishing. The picture was based on a photo of a friend and I’m glad to say she has seen the piece since it was done and given it her blessing. I think the message is clear enough that no matter how tough we think we are love can make a fool of us all. Amen to that.



Title: We are all fools for love
Materials: Screen print, stencils, spraypaint and paint pen
Size: A3


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