Not just a blackened heart

Not just a blackened heart

Not just a blackened heart

Now this young lady not only has a blackened heart but she’s also in possession of a slightly charred soul. How did one so young come to have both I can almost hear you ask? Well it’s something of a long and convoluted story and I don’t know the half of it. All I can say for sure is she’s not one to be messed with. At all. There’s all kinds of hearsay regarding her murky past and it’s difficult to be sure what parts are true and what are just rumour. An abridged version of her story can probably get all the salient points across without indulging in too much unverified gossip – so if you catch me when i’m out and about and want to buy me a drink I’ll tell you an interesting story…

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Title: Not just a blackened heart
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, pencil, pastel and charcoal
Size: A4


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