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I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking. Is it ‘Who uses the word ‘snooty’ these days?’ or ¬†possibly ‘I thought he’d misspelled Snoopy’. It’s surely got to be one of them? Am I right?

Anyway, enough of this flimflam. I’m using the somewhat archaic word to describe this little deviant. Sometimes the correct word just suggests itself. To me ‘snootiness’ is a bit like arrogance but with an added air of superiority. And just one glance at the supercilious look on his smug little face makes my heart beat just that little bit faster. I think i’m getting too angry. Time for a snooze before little Lord Fauntleroy gets his just desserts…

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Title: Snooty

Materials: Paint pen, watercolour, spray paint, acrylic, pencil, pastel and charcoal

Size: A4


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