Big Butt Blue

Big Butt Blue

Big Butt Blue

As I’m sure we all know the immortal line “I love big butts and I cannot lie” was sang by Sir Mix-A-Lot in his seminal 1992 hit ‘Baby got back’. With an appreciation of these lyrics and a deep understanding of his poetic intent I have gone on to create this homage to Mr Lot’s paean of decency and good taste. In other words I have been let loose on the internet again and this is a somewhat sordid production that I have compiled after spending too much time watching early 90’s hip hop video’s. Just one glance into the ‘big booty’ file on my computer is enough to make grown men weep so be glad I’ve stopped at just one big blue butt (for now)…

And, on a somewhat similar note you should beware my flourescent interpretation of the Wu Tang Clan’s ‘Gravel Pit’. That is probably one step too far…

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Title: Big Butt Blue
Materials: Paint pen, watercolour, spray paint, acrylic, pencil, pastel and charcoal
Size: A4


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Filed under art, Graffiti, Painting, sketch

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