One more drink…

We’ve done quite a range of work down at the Electric Social in Brixton over the past couple of years and with the folks behind it getting themselves a new venue in Southend they came back to us for some more id-iom brand contemporary interior decoration. The East Coast Social is to have a similar look and feel to the Electric Social. They wanted that to include some spray painted work on the interior and we were more than happy to oblige. So, with the first nice day of Spring in the air we packed up the id-iomobile and headed for the coast. Knowing it was to be something of a long day we started early so we’d make sure to be able to finish as their grand opening is this weekend…

With the somewhat discordant accompaniment of a sound engineer running their speakers through a sound test and some workman hammering away we set to work. The main issue was having to work around the light fitting that was already up on the wall but, thankfully, we’d already thought this through in the design stage and so started there with the dark bulb logo stencil and worked the rest of the background from there. A couple of applications of the main stencil and a bit of colouring in later and here you have it. The somewhat sobering thought of needing another drink to be able to deal with her new fella…




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