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The Christmas Skull

The Christmas Skull

The Christmas Skull

I think there should be a jolly festive song called ‘The Christmas skull’. I have done a cursory bit of internet research and it would appear that no errant songsmith has managed to come to my aid as of yet. We live in hope. This piece was actually drawn on Christmas morning last year whilst recovering from the shenanigans of the previous evening (which included losing a dog that wasn’t ours) and waiting for a lift up to my auntie’s for Christmas Day. The picture isn’t very pretty but then again neither was I at the time. I felt defeated but still in charge. Like a king whose lost a battle but is still around to try and make amends. I think a combination of hangover and sleep deprivation was probably just kicking in at that point though…

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Title: The Christmas Skull

Materials: Paint pen, watercolour, spray paint, acrylic, pencil, pastel and charcoal

Size: A4


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