Little boy blue

Little boy blue

Little boy blue

It’s funny that because this picture is on a sheet of A4 paper you don’t really get an impression of size of the subject. The person this picture is based on is actually a giant at well over 70 metres tall. But that doesn’t come across well in the picture. Maybe I should have added some smaller things in by way of perspective but that’s never been my strong point and I fear I would have made it all just look a bit odd. Suffice it to say that he eats cows whole when he wants a burger and drinks beer by the bathtub full. The clue is actually in the title as he’s called ‘little’ boy blue in that particularly British way of giving someone a name that is somewhat opposite to their obvious attributes. Like calling a short man ‘lofty’ or a man mountain ‘tiny’. Either way I’m not entirely sure of what to say other than if you come across him it pays to be nice before he decides to use you in a sandwich…

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Title: Little boy blue
Materials: Watercolour, ink, acrylic and charcoal
Size: A4


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