USR&MM ‘Stoya’ Pleasurebot

If you’ve ever read any Isaac Asimov books (and if you haven’t then you’re missing out) then you’re probably aware that many of his books concern robots which were created by his fictional company ‘USR&MM’ (which stands for U.S Robots & Mechanical Men).

Now I’m sure that Asimov didn’t exactly have ‘pleasurable’ purposes in mind when he developed his ideas on robots but you know that if we had these kind of things in the real world it would only be a matter of time (probably just minutes) before somebody had the bright idea of fitting them out for the oldest profession.

Anyway, here we have a somewhat phallic looking promotional poster of sorts for the cream of the robotic crop. The state of the art, Android powered, ‘Stoya’ model Pleasurebot.  Coming soon…

She’s about 3.5m tall and 3.5m wide and is currently in place on a side street parallel to Water Lane in Camden (but the other side of the train tracks). I thought she was finished just as the rain started then finally remembered to install her cybernetic glowing LED eye just to give it that final futuristic touch. Hopefully it’ll be working for the next few weeks and we’ll be able to get a night shot before it runs out. Many thanks to The Real Art of Street Art  for sorting the space for us!




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