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Monotone Meow

Monotone Meow

Monotone Meow

Sometimes the things I create don’t actually make all that much sense to me when I’ve finished them. Take ‘Monotone Meow’ here as an example. You’d think that perhaps because of the name the picture it would perhaps feature a cat. But it’s not that straightforward. I really would have a hard time explaining my thought process so think it’s probably easier not to. Make your own mind up. Just don’t be surprised if I somehow manage to end this personal art quest for good and retire to a dark room sitting and rocking back and forth whilst gazing blankly into space. It may make more sense.

Like the rest of this sordid little lot these pictures have been reimagined from actual news headlines I think I’ve reads somewhere. I fill my head with this grubby nonsense so you don’t have to. Vive la revolution!

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Title: Monotone Meow
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic and charcoal
Size: A4


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