Super Samurai

Super Samurai

Super Samurai

Does anyone out there remember an 80’s cartoon called ‘The Freedom Force’? They were a group of superheroes that included one called ‘Super-Samurai’ who was the muscle bound alter ego of a little Japanese lad. Well, after searching my brain for the answer as to where this picture came from that is the best I can muster for an answer. It was either that or this:

“This picture came about after I had the luxury of spending two days looking around the British museum sketching anything and everything i wanted and what a treasure trove they have there. After walking around the Japanese section of the museum I had a load of sketches mainly of samurai as their outfits were just amazing but also of some of the words and alphabet. I didn’t add any of that in to any of my drawings though as i just didn’t have a clue what they said.”

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Title: Super Samurai
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, and charcoal
Size: A4


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