Boards, glorious boards (part 3)

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm

I am Siamese if you please

The terror

So this is our third set of boards and we aren’t even half way through them yet! As previously mentioned we headed to Somerset to paint as many boards as we could handle in a weekend for the nice folks at Pootopia.  They have hundreds of compostable toilets and are beautifying them with some artwork on boards which fit into the toilet doors. Which is where we came in. We set ourselves a somewhat ambitious target of completing 40 boards over the weekend. Despite working just about as hard as we could we only managed a final tally of 32 completed boards (with 7 left just as backgrounds and one MIA). Not too shabby if i say so myself. The hard part was trying to make it so they didn’t all look too similar.

It was pretty busy weekend and we didn’t finish till 9pm on Sunday but less about my troubles here’s the third load of finished boards…




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