Boards, glorious boards! (part 7)


Belle epoque

Almost Original Grace

Have a peek…

Well, that weekend flew by. We were djing at the Isle of Wight festival for Pootopia and now it’s back down to earth with a bump. Pootopia provide toilets at festivals and they have hundreds of compostable toilets and are beautifying them with artwork on boards which fit into the toilet doors. Which is where we came in. We managed to get 32 finished over a weekend, which is eight shy of our self imposed target of forty but pretty good all the same. It was good to finally see some of our boards in situ although i’m pretty sure we failed to get any pictures – which is a bit rubbish but not entirely surprising.

So here’s the seventh load of doors and with only one more day of boards to go I’ll be glad to move onto something new…




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