How’s Drake?

How's Drake?

How’s Drake?

Whilst back home for TT week I decided it wasn’t to be all just beer and sleeping so determined to pull my finger out and do a little work, not too much mind as I was on holiday, but a little… First off I had to find some paint and as the Isle of Man isn’t your textbook hive of graffiti artists and artist grade spray paint I had to head off to B&Q to peruse the aisles of car and radiator spray paint. Not to be put off by their lack of choice in make and colour I grabbed what I could which consisted of two different types of blue car spray paint. So, with such a meagre selection of paint I decided to rummage through my mothers art supplies and came up with an old can of pink Ironlak, a touch of black car paint, a few  acrylic paints and some gloss paint that I wouldn’t have given to anyone. Anyway with the paint in order I headed off in search of a wall that I could throw my lacklustre wares at and like usual the place to head was the Howstrake summer camp which has long been forgotten and left to fall in to disrepair.

So with paint in hand and a few friends for company I set upon throwing some paint about. I can’t really say there was any plan for this piece apart from deciding on painting a face and having to get it finished as soon as I could as I had return my mum’s borrowed car as soon as possible. I think the most important thing I can take away from this piece is NEVER USE GLOSS PAINT. Sage advice if there ever was any…

How's Drake?

How’s Drake?

How's drake?

How’s drake?




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