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id-iom @ Whitecross Street Party 2014

LED eyes close up

brooch close up

We arrived at WXSP on Sunday at about 12.45 which given the state both of us were in was quite a feat. We’d been djing at a friend’s wedding the previous evening and were a little the worse for wear. It was also hot and we had zero ideas in the way of a plan for the day. But sometimes we work better that way.

After agreeing between us that there was to be no conscious plan we attacked the boards with all the gusto we could muster. A couple of afternoon beers helped the whole process along and before you know it we’d just about managed to knock the whole thing into some kind of shape. As we were thinking about calling it a day Artista showed up just in time for us to give her a pen or two and ask her kindly to draw a piece of toast on it. With the addition of some LED eye’s we were pretty much all done just as they started to clean up and then dismantle the boards. Ah well, they were never going to last forever. Until next time…




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