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A dark cloud descends

The Dark Cloud Descends

The Dark Cloud Descends

It’s coming to the end of the brief UK summer but we’ll hopefully still have a few days of sunshine left. Sadly, this cannot be said for this chap as a dark cloud has descended on his life and there’s nowt he can do about it. Why i hear you ask? Well he’s just found out that his ex (who recently left him due to his infidelities) has just won the Euromillions with the same weekly numbers they used to buy every week. She’s changed her mobile, moved in with some friends he’s never seen or heard of and is not replying to any of his increasingly desperate messages or emails. He’d try sending a carrier pigeon if he knew where to send it. To add insult to injury he’s just found out that she has been seen out on the town with one of her old flames. Now that’s enough to get anyone down in the dumps. I tried to tell him that everything happens for a reason and that it’ll be okay in the end but he wasn’t having any of it and just glared at me and stormed out. You can’t say I didn’t try…



Title: A dark cloud descends
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, glitter and charcoal
Size: A3


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