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Game over

Game over

Game over

It would seem that the despicable character that is Nathaniel Bobois has managed to make another appearance in one of our pictures. He’s just too much of a rogue not to paint. It’s hard to believe that he and the amazing Roche Bobois came from the same parents. So,  Nathaniel challenged the might of id-iom to a game of pool and that’s not the kind of offer we refuse. With Nathaniel preening and boasting around the pub we had a quick game of Paper, Scissors, Rock to see who would play him first.

I won and took to the table with a quiet determination. Meanwhile Nathaniel was still fannying about selecting a cue when I broke and took down three yellows to boot. Already on the back foot Nathaniel tried and failed to claw it back. I sunk the black about a minute after he took his first shot but he was not put off so with a volley of swearing he put down more money and challenged the other member of id-iom to another game. This went on till we’d cleared him out of the $150 he had. Don’t ask me why he had dollars on him but he did. It was money and we took it anyway. Here at id-iom we both feel a bit sorry – not for Nathaniel – but for his brother Roche because he’s just going to have to bail him out yet again…



Title: Game over
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, screen print, watercolour and charcoal
Size: A2


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