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Selene & Eos

Selene & Eos

Selene & Eos

We’ve all got busy work schedules but mythological sisters Selene and Eos cover 24 hours of the day between them. All day, every day since time immemorial so no wonder they look a little worn out. They probably need a good holiday but hopefully they’re not going to get one. They’re sisters to Greek sun god Helios but had important jobs of their own to take care. Selene was the goddess of the moon and brought the moonlight that allows a little illumination inĀ  the darkness of night while her sisterĀ Eos was the goddess of dawn and personified the light of day. This picture then is from their small handover period just before dawn breaks. So there you have it.



Title: Selene & Eos
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, spray paint and charcoal
Size: A2


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