Lady Sulina

Lady Sulina

Lady Sulina

It’s not very often that you get to paint a decent sized wall that’s only mere steps away from your front door but that exactly what happened this weekend. Whilst it seems everyone and their wife was in Birmingham for City of Colours we stayed very close to home and kept things real. There was a street party on the road where one half of id-iom lives and the lovely lady who arranges the party also managed to organise a wall for us as long as we kept it decent and saw to it that some of the local kids could get involved as well. Here at id-iom we believe you’re never too young to take up vandalism so jumped at the chance to give the little tykes a glimpse into the seedy underworld of the exterior redecoration specialist.

As the wall was mere moments away from both of our houses it was good to spend the day with all necessary conveniences close at hand. Including, of course, some speakers and chairs. It was a street party after all. After a few hours work with superb assistance from a number of local kids and adults it was time to try and make some finishing moves. The LED eye was installed and a few splashes of red were added before finally calling it a day and heading to the local hostelry for some well deserved refreshment…




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