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To drink from your lips…

To drink from your lips…

Now if there is one thing I love it’s a good bit of wombling. You know; making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folk leave behind. Anyway, there i was heading to the pub one evening when I chance upon this piece of wood. I’m still unsure of it’s previous purpose in life but it now has a higher calling. It sat in the hall of my house for about 3 months before inspiration struck and I had an actual plan for dealing with it. After walking past it everyday an idea had percolated into my head. I came up with the idea of a couple kissing, now I’m not entirely sure where the idea came from but that’s the muse for you.

So far so good. But then ‘Iceberg! Dead ahead!’ The trouble lay with the fact that the piece of wood was incredibly uneven and paint just didn’t look good on it so, for a short while, it was back to the drawing board until a solution jumped out at me. That solution came in the form of some polyfilla from the pound shop, which just seemed perfect for my plans.

After applying two tubs of the stuff and sanding it down it was ready for the final touches which consisted of a little painting here a touch up of polyfilla there and voilà. There still seemed to be something missing though, which I rectified with some words around the edge of the piece saying:

“Finally I will drink life from your lips
and wake up from this ever lasting sleep”

The only problem now is what to do with it as its now quite heavy and pretty fragile. Hmmmmm? Choices!!! It may well have to end up on the street if I can think of somewhere suitable unless someone wants to give it a better home¬†somewhere…




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