King of the Swingers

So this is the second piece we did for a friend’s child and with this one we thought we’d go for something he may hopefully appreciate when he gets a little older as he’s currently under 1 and it’s difficult to know exactly what people that small really like when it comes to art appreciation. We were told he likes monkeys (who doesn’t?) and as soon as I was told that the lyrics from the Jungle Book’s ‘I wanna be like you’ popped in to my head and that was enough for me. As the other half of id-iom had gone for the light, colourful and fluffy side of the coin, i decided to take it the other way and make it a little dark and menacing just for good measure.

When i started the picture of the monkey it seemed a little flat and lifeless so i decided to cut out the swinging monkey and apply some cardboard to the back of it so that it gave a little shadow. After this all that there was left to do was try and frame it so it looked a little more gift-like (all framers out there no need to worry your jobs are safe).




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