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Upside your head

Upside your head

Upside your head

So we are now well and truly in to February of 2015 and i’ve only just started to pull my finger out. I’m pretty sure this is the first piece i’ve actually finished so far this year. Anyway, I have been busy designing and playing about in the sketch book but it’s now time to get on the good foot and do the bad thing. This piece is in direct response to my slow start to 2015 as I need to slap myself upside my head and get my act together. I can’t even do that however without the Gap Band’s ¬†‘Ooops upside your head’ automatically playing in my brain and like any good earworm it’s now hopefully lodged in your head too. If the written cue wasn’t enough here it is in all it’s glory:



Title: Up side your head
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic and tipex
Size: A4

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