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The future is unwritten

With a rare day of sunshine predicted for last Saturday in London town it was time to hit the streets and get a little work done. A swift call to Global Street Art later and we even had somewhere to paint so we packed our stuff up and went in search of WRDSMTH who was over from LA for a few days and was eager to get something up whilst in town.

As we reached our spot the sun was shining and gloves and hats weren’t even needed but, according to the LA based WRDSMTH, it was bitterly cold. It was the warmest day for weeks. Oh how we laughed. A swift bit of paint chucking later and we had this magnificent looking character staring down at us with his glowing eyes whilst we decided what text would go best. The only thing left to do after that was to tidy up the background a little and tie it together with WRDSMTH’s typewriter piece a bit and, hey presto, it was time for a beer and whatever other amusements we could find. Win all round.




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