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The March of Time

Like most of the walls we paint we like to come at them with as little as a plan as possible (other than a one layer stencil) and see what develops. I think we like this approach because it lets our creative juices flow and allows for some real time collaboration and adjustments on the fly. Sometimes this works in our favour and sometimes not so much but then again that’s how the cookie crumbles when you practice the arcane art of spontaneity. I’d like to think this wall was a success however.

She’s even got some moss for hair which i’ll attempt to reapply over time to see if we can get some nice verdant growth. The problem I have with my moss ‘paint’ however is the lack of corn syrup to thicken the mixture. It appears the american ingredient is not so easy to come across in the UK. Cornflour didn’t seem to do the trick so I’ll have to keep experimenting…

I think my favourite touch is the addition of the little birds on the clock and the electrical wire above her head. ┬áNow we just need a bit of summertime so this little outdoor lounge can be enjoyed properly…




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