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She’s like the wind

She's like the wind

She’s like the wind

This piece is the very finest in id-iom upcycling. Or perhaps you’d call it an unsanctioned collaboration. Anyway, the canvas in questions which already had the black paint on was given to us by a friend who had grown a little tired of it and so passed it along to us to do whatever we felt like doing with it. It had been hiding away in id-iom HQ for a long time until the other day when the other half of id-iom screamed at the top of his voice ‘It’s a nice day and i want to throw some paint around’. He was right. It was a nice day but we had no suitable walls to paint so we decided to see if we had any canvas’s left around to work with. Et voila! This dusty old girl is plucked out of obscurity and thrust into the limelight.

So there we were outside lounging about in front of the canvas just sitting there when the muse quiely creeps up on us and, BLAM!, smacks us upside the head with some powerful motivation and this is when things really got started. Spray paint, brushes, stencils, diamanté applicator and ink are just some of the things that were pulled out and used on this lovely lass.

The title of the piece largely suggested itself once we’d managed to get it to a somewhat finished state. More importantly though it gives me a chance to segue into the 1987 power ballad by none other than Patrick Swayze as it’s a classic song and deserves to heard more.



Title: She’s like the wind
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic and spray paint
Size: 90 x 90 cm canvas


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