Brixton Girl

Brixton Girl

Brixton Girl

One of my favourite purchases that id-iom has made recently is undoubtedly our jig saw. It’s much more fun that a drill and once you have one you find uses for it all over the place. All you need is an overactive imagination and a load of wood close to hand (ideally fairly thin MDF sheets so you cut it nice and easily) and you can cut away to you heart’s content. If only I’d paid attention in class all those years ago and I would probably be a bit more clued up on the whole issue but better late than never.

For today’s piece I have lovingly created some ‘Brixton’ lettering which is very loosely based on the famous Hollywood sign in LA. I did try lighting it like the Hollywood sign but that was quite difficult and didn’t turn out too well so I thought I’d make the addition of a girl to go with it and brighten up the garden a little.  In fact the only thing missing now is some sunshine and warmth. Roll on summer…




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