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Sodium Velcro

Sodium Velcro

Sodium Velcro

Well, what does on about a piece like this? If, by any chance, you looked at our social media accounts last Friday you might of seen a few glimpses of this little beauty via a series of progress shots. If you didn’t catch that (and i’m not sure that too many people did) then perhaps it’s best for me explain how this picture came to be. It was early afternoon on Friday when a friend popped around with some beers as it was a gorgeous day and she had the day off work. Being the good friend I am, I accepted her kind offer and started to have a beer with her whilst also doing a bit of painting. It all started sedatedly enough but escalated quickly and things started to get a little messy.

With my brain swimming in alcohol, ideas abounded. I’m pretty sure it was a case of quantity over quality but somehow this piece started to form and I was left with a rough version of this when I woke the next day. For no better reason than I had a bit of time on my hands I tidied it up and decided to see if I could fathom what I was up to.

For the life of me I can’t really piece together what I was trying to get at although I think I had a very amusing reason at the time. The googly eyes on the carrot also came as a bit of a surprise as I don’t remember putting them on at all. Luckily for me I think they work and I’m thinking things could have been a lot worse. If anyone has any thoughts on what they think I was driving at I’d like to hear them…

In fact there are a few sketches in my sketch book which will provide some amusement when everyone is feeling low at id-iom headquarters sometime in the future. Watch this space.



Title: Sodium Velcro
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, charcoal, googly eyes and Spray paint

Size: A2


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