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We said we wouldn’t. But we did it anyway…

We said we wouldn't. But we did it anyway...

We said we wouldn’t. But we did it anyway…

If you keep up with our shenanigans at all you may be thinking that you’ve seen this image before. And you’d be right. We did it as a street piece in the East end a few weeks ago alongside a piece by WRDSMTH who was over from LA. After we finished we went to the Old Blue Last to wet our whistles and as we were enjoying our cold beverages WRDSMTH asked us if we’d use the image again and we said we probably wouldn’t as we tend to only use things once and then move onto something else and he couldn’t really get his head around it. Anyway, we agreed to do an art swap and needed to come up with a suitable design. Despite the fact we said we wouldn’t we decided it would be quite fitting to do a paper version of the street piece we did for him. So there you go.

We’re currently awaiting his return piece but i’m pretty sure he’ll pull something suitable out. Let’s just hope it arrives safely.



Title: We said we wouldn’t but we did it anyway
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, charcoal, Tipp Ex, silver leaf and Spray paint

Size: A3


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