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From Brixton to Hong Kong

A little while back we did a commission screen print piece featuring a couple of friends who had gone on to become teachers.┬áSince I already had the screen exposed and ready to print I thought I might as well use┬áthese two likely looking ladies on a couple of other pieces just for my own amusement. It just seemed a shame to break the screen down after just one use. So I didn’t.

Anyway, here’s ‘From Brixton to Hong Kong’ on some hand made rag paper that I’ve had knocking about for ages. If you’ve been to the bustling metropolis that is Hong Kong perhaps, like me, you were taken aback by just how many people, tiny flats and huge skyscrapers they can fit into such a small space. That and the fact that they use bamboo scaffolding. That stuff just looks plain scary.




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