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Free. Sex. For. Onchan.


So we’ve decided to revive a bit of graffiti that was found all over the island when we were growing up and give it a little design twist. FSFO apparently meant ‘Financial Sector F**k Off’ and was daubed on walls in the 80’s purportedly in response to the increasing growth and power of the Island’s burgeoning finance sector. Personally I always preferred the other definition of the acronym- which was that it stood for ‘Free Sex for Onchan’ (which is a small town on the Island) and the idea that sexual liberation was one thing they were willing to fight for. FSFO!

I realise this picture is a little saucy but then again we are going to need it if we are going to win the campaign for ‘Free Sex For Onchan’. A notable member of the Onchan ‘new money’ set got in touch with us asking if we would help them out in this time of dire circumstances and of course we said we would. Coming from Douglas ourselves we felt we had to help out our neighbours and see if we could help turn things round for them.

Anyway, this is what we came up with for them. It is a simple yet profound piece about sex with Onchan’s new motto emblazoned proudly across the top. In fact that’s given me a thought. Maybe we should have got some rainbow colours on there?…




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