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The dead man staring back at me

The dead man staring back at me The dead man staring back at me

It’s not often that I have a staring match with a dead guy but last Wednesday that is exactly what I did. After a business meeting in town I decided to head to the British museum for a look around. After dodging the OAP’s and children I came across a bust in an otherwise empty room of an unknown death mask. I was immediately transfixed and ended up staring at the fellow for a considerable amount of time until a small child ran in to the back of my legs. Never one to shout at a child I used a trick out of the OAP textbook and gave the child an evil stare whilst mumbling something unintelligible to myself. It worked and he scampered off in to the next room. Quickly, before anyone else could interrupt me I made a quick sketch and then moved on.

Back in the relative quiet of my house I was looking through my sketch book and came across the little doodle I’d done and decided I’d paint it up a little more. Its not in the exact style of our other work but I think I might paint this up much larger on a wall as I enjoyed throwing the paint about. Watch this space…



Title: The dead man staring back at me
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, charcoal, Tipp Ex and spray paint
Size: A3


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