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The Power of Rah

With wall one at Rah Rah Room completed it was then time to turn our attention to the next wall. The wall is situated directly ahead as you descend the stairs into the club so needed to be high impact and a clear indicator of the kind of night you’d find yourself in for. The┬ádecision was made that it was to be the lady in the necklace and fancy Rah Rah head dress. After just a weekend to get supplies and otherwise get prepared it’s then time to get to work. Once the lady was up and her head dress was just as fancy as can be came the somewhat laborious task of applying a load of diamantes to her necklace and a couple to her eyes to give them a bit of sparkle. The only remaining task was then trying to get a decent shot of it all. Which we didn’t seem to do very well at. I can only assure you that she sparkles beautifully and has lots of diamantes set into her necklace.




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Mucho Muchas Gracias

Here at id-iom we love a good challenge so when we’re given less than a week to go from initial meeting to completed walls we can’t help but jump at the chance. After getting the call we head down to the newly renamed and imminently opening Rah Rah Room on Piccadilly to check out exactly we’ve got to work with. A quick look round allows us to identify a couple of walls that could do with some id-iom style attention and we then have a swift discussion about what kind of vibe they’ll be going for. Which, it turns out, is a burlesque/cabaret feel as it’s to be the new home of the infamous Madame JoJo’s. Armed with this information as inspiration we head back to the lab and commence some feverish research and design work.

We must both have been thinking similar thoughts as we both produced designs drawing inspiration from the art deco and art nouveau styles of design. We clearly had the bit between our collective teeth as we pulled out a dozen or so designs to choose from which we promptly sent over.

The┬ábeautiful work of Alponse Mucha was heavily drawn on for the inspiration behind this piece. His work is very sophisticated and clean looking and suits the new club perfectly. With only a couple of days to get prepared it’s then straight onto painting. The somewhat complicated design led to a few moments of hair pulling which is never good as I seem to be misplacing it quicker than it grows back. Finally however it was all but completed and the only thing left to do was apply some jewels to her outfit and eye so it all really sparkles in the light as you come down the stairs. Mission accomplished.



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