Baba Bo Peep

Baba Bo Peep at dusk

So it was that time of year again for our annual neighbourhood street party. As one half of id-iom lives on the street we were asked if we’d like to paint again and, after a fun time last year, could hardly turn the offer down. This time we were allocated the rather unloved looking front of the garage on which to work our magic. It was something of an uneven surface but we do so love a challenge so set about trying to come up with a good plan.

Thankfully after a few days of gloom even the weather decided to play ball on Sunday and before long we were happily throwing paint around and being ably assisted in our endeavours by local kids and residents in order to generate a messy background. Cue some beers and general tomfoolery and before too long we could almost see the finish line. We just needed some kind of finishing move. This was where local resident Veronica (#Vron) came to our rescue by suggesting the neon outlines on the heads which, as night was falling, allowed us to get a couple of LED’s in to give their eyes a sparkle and then call it a day. I wonder if we’ll be invited to paint again next year…

A big thanks to Baba motors for allowing us to decorate his wall, Charmian (#Pchar) for organising it all and Veronica (#Vron) for suggesting our finishing move.




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